Wayne Fleming Illustrator provides creative solutions to a wide range of graphic and illustration requirements.

Need a Corporate Logo? Landscape design? Or just a Gift idea, such as a Caricature for Uncle Bob’s 50th birthday!  There is something in this site to wet any appetite for art. Take a browse, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

Products and Services include:

  • Caricatures 

    The Illustrator can provide unique gifts in a wide range of  media or page size. Individuals, Couples, Groups. Head & Shoulders, Full Body. Themes, Hobbies, gags and captions to name a few. Limited only by your imagination.Find out more about Caricatures services here.

  • Paintings

    Public art, Murals, Banners, Dadaism, Surrealism, Airbrush Art. Find out more about Paintings services here.
  • Cartoon and Comic Strips

    Private or Commercial, Magazine or Web Based, Editorial, Political, Ethical. Find out more about Cartoons services here.
  • Book Illustration

    Cover Art and Main content, motifs.
  • Greeting Cards

    Customized Personal Greeting Cards, popular for Weddings or Milestone Celebrations.
  • Live Cartoon – Caricaturist Entertainment

    Any type of event from Private Celebrations, Corporate Trade Shows or Festivals. From Easel or Roving. Find out more about Live Cartoon services here.
  • Cartooning Workshops

    “Teach Yourself To Draw”, a diverse program that shows fundamentals of Cartooning and Line Drawing.  From 2 Hour Introduction Workshop for to 36 week course. Find out more about Cartooning Workshops services here.
  • Traditional Signwriting & Calligraphy

    Chalk Board Menus or Signage on Craft, such as Motorbikes, Surfboards, Jet Skis, Motor Vehicles, particularly if involving airbrush art. Find out more about Signs & Chalkboards services here.