Prices ( Main Page)

Prices below are “from”, are for Traditional (or Hard Copy) Art, are subject to Terms and not including Postage.

May include titles, tag lines or captions included in the price.
Are for A4 & A3, but any page sizes are possible. For each Page size increase add 25%.

Mediums  Where Charcoal, Graphite or Ink is listed below, it implies “Black on White”, although the Black may instead be any colour of your choice provided it is one colour. The artwork usually includes halftones for greater depth, but it is still classed as a “One Colour.
Also a ‘Duotone’ can be achieved if the page is another colour, such as Sepia, which is very popular. see example on a champagne coloured page with sepia coloured ink at >
Similarly on a One Colour a “Spot Colour” may be applied for that extra impact for a small additional fee. See actress Joanne Lumley example at>
In summary, for the cost saving of a One Colour order there a still a range of options open to the imagination.

Digital Caricatures may be up to 25% discount of the below prices and are sent by email, depending on the order.

Head & Shoulders

A4                                                          A3

Charcoal or Graphite $100               Charcoal or Graphite $150
Ink $150                                               Ink $200
Colour $250                                         Colour $350

abfab A4jim A3



Full Body

May include one simple dress theme or hobby. More content options are at bottom of the page.

A4                                                      A3

Charcoal or Graphite $175           Charcoal or Graphite $200
Ink $200                                           Ink $265
Colour $400                                    Colour $500

Shippyman Jaz1 copy



Multiple Caricatures

the dammed

Whether separate individual caricatures or a group on a large poster size page, discounts apply for a greater number of subjects.

Here is a handy rule of thumb when doing a cost estimate based on the above prices:

1 subject = 100%
2 – 4 subjects = 85%
5 – 9 subjects = 75%
10 – 15 subjects = 60%
16 – 20 subjects = 50%
21 – 30 subjects = 45%
30 + subjects subject to negotiation

Additional Items, depending on realism, size and detail.

Spot Colours (see also at top of the page) for Black&White or One Colour Orders. From $20

$35 – $150

Vehicles: $50 – $200

Buildings & Structures: $ 50 – $250

Logos, Headers or Extra captions: $10 – $70

Backgrounds: from $25 for basic tonal backdrop to an average of $50 for simple sky with horizon line, depending on content and degree of realism. Generally speaking a Cartoony or Impressionist background is cheaper than more realistic backgrounds. Similarly, Natural settings are generally cheaper than Man Made content.