The most popular of the Creative Products are my Caricatures, which you can be Art Director in five levels of exaggeration. From more like a Portrait to Extreme.

1. ‘Flattering’ caricatures exaggerate your good points and make them amusing. Kids in particular come up super cute, Guys can look super cool, or pretty for the Ladies.

2. ‘Go Easy’, a bit of mirth with a portrait look. This is the most popular level.

3. ‘Naughty but Nice’, for a cheeky but flattering appeal especially with the facial expression.

4. ‘Whatever you Reckon’, the most recommended by the Artist if you wish to have an honest unbiased interpretation. Liberal free reign.

5. ‘Hit me with your Rhythm Stick’ for the more ‘devil may care’, extreme. Not necessarily embarrassing  but can be, & that may not be in features but with some private joke about the subject.

Find out more about Caricatures services here.









tree peacockCartoon applications have a wide range. From package design, brochures, manuals, books & magazines, PowerPoint display, T-shirt prints and comic strips.

Cartoons are an effective mode of communication in this information overload world of ours. Their popularity is on the increase with government brochures, safety manuals, team building seminars and company mascots. Find out more about Cartoons services here.








Graphic Art


Your business logo is the first noticed image about your type of service or product.If you have ideas and maybe some reference material such as some similar designs that caught your eye, maybe a magazine cut out, you can bring them along with you to a consultation and I can steer you in the right direction into what I feel will work. Find out more about Graphic Art services here.







Landscape & Architectural

Whetballingerher designing a Building, Landscape Garden, Town Planning or just selling a property, my illustration can be an effective communication tool between builders, architects, development applications or potential buyers.Architectural and Landscape commissions can range from the cheaper loose one colour sketches to detailed realism and can come in a wide range of mediums. Find out more about Landscape & Architectural services here.








Notable publicHumpbacks murals have been a commission for the car park mural at Brisbane’s Conrad Treasury Casino. I made a private collection of banner murals, one of which is still for sale. Find out more about Murals services here.






CooloolaThese are mostly a private collection, based on different themes which appealed to me at the time.The Hype Art series was a particular passion for me at the time from an obsessive love of Dadaism and Surrealism. Find out more about Paintings services here.








Landmarks cheynehoran portraitand Milestones in people’s lives are a good reason to capture that moment in a person’s life.Formats can range from a simple charcoal A4 head & shoulders, to a large scale colour oil painting and can feature backgrounds about that special person. Find out more about Portrait services here.










Signs & Chalkboard Menus

pedro'sIf you need an artistic feel to some signage, I can accommodate certain requests, particularly when it comes to traditional lettering.Restaurant chalkboard menus are ever in demand and I can usually quote within 24 hours if you have a reasonably accurate list of the content. Find out more about Signs & Chalkboards services here.







T-Shirt Print Designs

My very fhinchinbrook mapirst commissions in 1984 while studying Graphic Design in Adelaide, South Australia were for Golden Breed, a long established surf/ youth culture clothing label of the 1970’s. This catalogue of prints range from 1987 to present day and span across five categories, from up market to habitat, to name a few.During the mid 80’s I also handpainted many Tshirts for the tourist dollar,mostly for boutique or senior ladies market and sold them at the famous Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Find out more about T-Shirt services here