Cartoon Caricature 

Wayne’s Gift Ideas include caricatures that exaggerate the subjects features and make them flattering and amusing.Head and shoulders cartoon caricature

Kids in particular come up super cute, Guys can look like super cool, and flattering for the Ladies.

Similar to ‘Flattering’ caricatures you can also request ‘Go Easy’,  Naughty but Nice’‘Whatever you Reckon’ and  ‘Hit me with your Rhythm Stick’.

Options: Are limitless but here are a few examples:

  • A4 or A3 size, or larger
  • Black & White or Colour
  • Head & Shoulders or Full Body with themes & hobbies,
  • Captions like nicknames or favourite sayings
  • Groups large & small,
  • Pets and animals
  • Items, such as automobiles, boats.

It’s only limited by your imagination.

Purposes: Gift Ideas for Birthday, Anniversary, Greeting & Invitation cards, Commercial, Political, Stickers.







Landmarks and Milestones in people’s lives are a good reason to capture that moment in a person’s life.Portrait of Australian war hero "Digger James".

Formats can range from a simple charcoal A4 head & Shoulders, to a large scale colour oil painting and can feature backgrounds about that special person.

Shipping is a special advantage of commissioning any artwork in that it is usually lightweight and easily shipped worldwide.

Genres can also vary to your preferences, such as realism, impressionist or abstract.











Comic Strips

Whether you run a magazine, newspaper or publishing company, and are looking for a one off comic strip, or a regular monthly feature – this is the place.

Cartoon comic strip virgin airlines Or ever thought of capturing a certain event in someone’s life or a really effective ad campaign? A cartoon strip can be a real eye catcher in these days of information overload.   As an advertisement comic strips can be quirky, informative, diagrammatic and the entertaining way to sell your product.













Graphic Art

 Logos, decals, mascots or heraldry doesn’t just have to be for your business or organisation, it could be a personal gift, such as this football banner > broncos 100 copyor a
  • Tattoo design
  • Personalized decals for your car or sporting equipment such as a jet ski or motorbike.
  • Tshirt print
  • Greeting Card

Let me create the symbolism you need for that edge. If you have an idea and just don’t know how to express it I can create a draft submission at a very competitive rate with no strings attached.
Do you have a milestone celebration and want something as simple as a greeting card that can include any idea you have, to convey any message you have?










Whether designing a Building, Landscape Garden, Town Planning or just selling a property?

Eumundi Property

Illustration can be an effective communication tool between builders, architects, development applications or potential buyers. Architectural and Landscape commissions can range from the cheaper loose one colour sketches to detailed realism and can come in a wide range of mediums.











Have a shop or restaurant that needs some enhancement, then a mural is the answer.  f

Maybe you don’t have a view and want to create an illusion of one. Maybe it’s a pizzeria and you want an Italian landscape background.
Anything is possible. That treasured Harley Davidson or Panel Van needs a facelift and you have a unique idea and want to transfer it onto a panel of that beautiful machine.










TShirt Print

Have an idea for a tattoo design, or would love a certain print design to go on a T-Shirt? I can turn your thoughts into images.

hinchinbrook Is map, North Queensland