Teach Yourself To Draw

Specialized Cartoon Workshops using breakthrough holistic drawing techniques.

Cartoon Workshops show that Cartooning can be fun such as Caricature Drawing for your friends and also have practical communication aspects such as in the publishing media or dealing with technical themes.

This could be anything from brainstorming with tradesmen over renovations or landscape design to simply drawing a map to show directions to name a few.
A speedy diagram saves lengthy verbal or written communication that can either be misunderstood or forgotten.

How often you hear people say, “I wish I could draw”? The line work may be shaky so they feel embarrassed but ironically there is speed and fluidity with their signature.
Wayne Fleming’s Cartoon Workshops are based around drawing simple and repetitive abstract patterns from shapes found in the real world. (see illustration below)

These warm up exercises are much the same as stretching exercises like yoga or before playing sport.
Students are equipped with the tips they need to teach themselves.

Once the student becomes accustomed to a menu of shapes and patterns it’s easy to apply them to a myriad of examples. The early stages concentrate less on frustrating accuracy and more on clean decisive lines through speed. And its more fun!! 

These excercises can be improved later in your own time and further advanced methods of creating cartoon characters and comic strips can be covered later in the course.

2 Hour Cartoon Workshops

This workshop package is also an introduction for drawing enthusiasts into the art of illustration in general, as cartooning comprises some of the most basic illustration techniques.

No previous art training or special talent for drawing is necessary!

This program awakens latent drawing skills in even the most artistically inept through a series of repetitive techniques commonly known as ‘doodling’ or ‘scribbling’. This approach is holistic and based on my own personal experience in learning to draw and use of cartoons as a preparation to illustration.


  • Illustration involves too much time and concentration for the average novice and is more applicable to fine art.
  • Cartoons concentrate on minimal lines for maximum effect.
  • Cartoons can be done quickly.


Other Course Durations

The most common packages are 2 hours, 6 hours over 3 weeks, 12 hours over 6 weeks and 36 hours over six weeks. If some other custom duration suits you, please advise and I can customise a workshop to suit your requirements.