Live Caricaturist
This extraordinary Live Caricaturist is a must to add a comedy souvenir for your next event.

Caricatures are a popular form of entertainment for a number of reasons……

  • They take up little space
  • Also provide entertainment for onlookers who enjoy the demonstration of a rare skill.
  • Provide exposure for your group with a letterhead or logo.
  • Make a valued souvenir of the event.
  • Take only about 5 minutes each if a few simple conditions are met.
  • Is a low key entertainment so does not compete with other entertainment such as musicians, comedians, and it can continue in the background through speeches.

Artwork may also depict the subject as a full body involved in a favourite hobby or occupation with a caption or nickname.

For nearly 32 years of drawing caricatures at a wide range of functions and venues I have developed an amicable persona necessary for any entertainer working with the public.

Different Formats for a Live Caricaturist 

With cartoon caricatures, any formats are considered, from page sizes, preferred mediums, head & shoulders or full body, from table & chairs, an easel or roving. As these options are limitless feel free to discuss your requirements, but ultimately speed = quantity.

Here are my recommended default formats when working live to achieve my target average of 10 per hour:

  • Page: 160 gsm A4 for individuals and A3 for couples or small groups.
  • Detail: Head & shoulders
  • Colour way: Black & white with halftone. For a bit of added zip I sometimes throw a cheeky dash of colour if I feel it’s appropriate. Usual highlights are red lipstick or big blue eyes on children or a splash of hair colour.
  • Medium: Predominately Oil marker.
  • Set up:  For best results > 1. Small table with a few chairs provided by you, with reasonable light, under shelter or away from the elements.                                                                                                                                                                                      2. Easel & Chairs:  Supplied for $25 haulage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                3. Roving:  Very popular where space is a concern or the surprise & entertainment factor is more preferred than numbers. Working Conditions need to be accommodating to achieve best                                                                        results (see >Terms & Conditions on the Performance Booking link at the bottom of this webpage.)                                                                                                                                                                                          4. Combination: of any above.                                                                                             


  • Value Added Options:

1.Packaging : 

  • PostPack Cylinders can be provided for $2 each. Good for Professional or Corporate appearance. 
  • Recycled cylinders 50c ea. Depending on availability. These are hand cut from a range of suitable products such as cardboard cylinders used for fabric rolls. Suitable for small private events where packaging  presentation is not a high priority. 
  • Plastic Sleeves or Paper envelopes. Prices Vary for sizes & quantity. Cost Estimates are around $1 ea for A4 page & $2 ea for A3. Other sizes are available and prices can be given on request.                                       
  • Laminating $3.50 for A4 & $5 for A3.  Please note that time laminating decreases number of caricatures per hour and requires close access to power point.

2.Group poster :  

  • Everybody on the one poster size page. $150 for A2 size page or $250 for A1 size page.  Can be head and shoulders or full bodies or mixed, like in your old class photos. This can be incorporated with a theme e.g. such as in a hot air balloon? pirate ship? space ship? the ideas are endless.
    Other services include post-event Digital saving to disk, Printing off (any size) and post back to you the Original & the Copies. They then may be distributed to the subjects as a token thankyou gift. 

Prices vary according to length of performance, distance and other overheads and Value Added options.

If you wish to make a booking then it’s just a matter of:

  1. Contacting me to enquire about price and availability for the date.
  2. Fill out and send the Performance Booking, via post, fax or email to reserve the date.
  3. Accept the invoice for the estimated amount and deposit payment to secure the date.

Individual Caricatures can also be commissioned by sending photographs with a written brief about what you want included in the artwork, such as black & white or colour, head and shoulders or full body, hobbies and/or captions. The Prices for these also vary considerably according to the various options but I do have set prices for the most popular options that you can view.

Your event will be one to remember as patrons are captured in their Natural Character.