BroadacreWhether designing a Building, Landscape Garden, Town Planning or just selling a property, my illustration can be an effective communication tool between builders, architects, development applications or potential buyers.

Architectural and Landscape commissions can range from the cheaper loose one colour sketches to detailed realism and can come in a wide range of mediums.

Consultancy with Builders or Architects is usually necessary to obtain the best reference material possible, which can range from Wire Frames from CAD software to plain two dimensional elevations.


Like Graphic Art a series of low cost drafts are an advised procedure before proceeding to finished art as this can save a lot of changes to finished art.
















Some of my most prominent works include a commission for L.A.A.P. (Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant).

This decommissioned ammunition plant to an eco-industrial facility and education centre.


Incredible as it may seem, at the time the US Defence, as part of Bill Clinton’s initiative called “Agenda 21” decided to convert these weapons facilities to productive rather than destructive installations.

It worked by subsidising small businesses to convert their facilities to manufacturing industries and incorporated Permaculture principles within the overall bioregion including a Permaculture Education College within the old Army Administration Building.

I worked alongside world leading Permaculture Designer  Geoff Lawton throughout the design process.