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Max 10 caricatures per hour. See terms and conditions for more details


Value Added Options



Please note that time laminating decreases number of caricature per hour and requires close access to power point.


Templates can add a whole new dimension to your caricatures.

Prices are composed of printing and artwork. Costs can be estimated when more details are received.

Depending on various factors, such as budget, timeframes or preferences, the templates may consist of original work, internet or photo stock images, or combination of these.

A template can be anything you wish. Generally speaking original illustrated work is more expensive.

****HANDY HINT A useful cost saver can be researching and supplying your own material. If necessary ii can take care of modifications or Graphic art necessary before printing. and/or you may supply the paper & print yourself if you have access to a good printer. Remember to keep the paper at least 160gsm for better quality.


A background template can be a photographic, illustrative or cartoon rendering of (say) the Venue or view of the hinterland? A body theme can be a pirate, superhero, era, anything at all, limited only by your imagination. Typical themes are usually associated with something about yourselves. Say if you are fond of medieval English costumes if you are British.

Printing is $1.50 for A4 & $3.00 for A3

Everybody on the one A2 poster size page. This Involves extra on site setup fee of $50

Subjects may be drawn as head and shoulders, full body or mixed, like in your old class photos. As a further value added option to this, i can take the artwork back to my office to scan & upload to disk. Then a digital copy can be printed off and distributed to the subjects (post event) as a token thank you alone with the original for the customer (of course). Customers may request that i undertake all this process as a one stop shop, or they may choose to undertake part of process (say printing) themselves. As there are various options & combinations of this service, prices can be given once requirements are outlined.

Cost Estimate

for performance time only is:

$300 for 1 hour, then $150 per hour thereafter, capped at $1,100 per day (up to 8 hours)

Prices are GST exempt.
Plus any value added options as mentioned above

Terms of Payment:

to confirm this booking, term of payment are before the event at your earliest possible convenience. The only exception is cash which must be by special arrangement which must be paid at the event before performance begins thank you.

Other options maybe possible by special request and arrangement.

Once i receive this booking sheet i will send an invoice for the estimated cost amount.

Performance Booking Terms and Conditions

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