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This page deals with Prices for the most common requests, which are Caricatures & Portraits and the subpages give a cost estimates.

The options for caricatures & portraits are many. Below is a list of the most regular formats, such as size, subject matter, colour-ways, render and surface.

Anything is considered, so if you can’t see what you want, or have different ideas, please ask and I can usually return a quote within 48 hours.

But first, here is a little crash course in deciding your options…
Please note: The formats below apply to traditional art only, as opposed to digital art. Digital images are sent by email &/or saved to disk & posted.


Typical Sizes:

A4 210mm X 297 mm This size is most popular for the minimal Head & Shoulders

A3 297mm X 420 mm Most popular for Couples, Small Groups or Full Body Caricatures

A2 420 mm X 594 mm Small poster size and therefore is most popular for large groups, such as sporting teams, clubs & organisations, work staff & wedding parties etc.

A1 594 mm X 840 mm Large poster size and most recommend if something is required like a large group which is to be displayed eg. high on a wall so needs to be seen from some distance and the detail is important.


Subject Matter:

Head & Shoulders
This is most economical but can still be enhanced with some clever Titles, Tag Lines or Captions, and even Word or Thought balloons like you see in comics.

Full Body
Particularly useful if there is to be any emphasis on a hobby, sport, theme or particular features in the background.

Great idea for wedding gifts & stationery or engagement presents.

Of 3 or more on an A3 or a complete club on Poster Size (A2 or even A1)

Additional Items
Anything can be added and are charged additionally on merit. This can include backgrounds, dress themes, anything. As a general rule, a Head & Shoulder price can have (included in the quote) Captions, Titles & Word or Thought bubbles, and a Full Body price can also include one hobby or theme.

For prices on popular Caricature options>  click here


Colour Ways :

Black & White
The more economical and (arguably) more suitable to a “cartoon” style portrait. Also includes halftones.
Although this option could really be any colour you like, as long as it’s the one colour and its tones. For an extra price this can also be rendered on coloured paper of your choice.

Black & White with spot colour
An economical way to add that extra “zip” to a Black & White caricature. Good suggestions are lipstick colour on a blonde lady or blue eyes on a toddler. Great impact with a black & white background.


Similar to the above but a second shade of colour.

This is useful if you’d like a sepia effect or a different colour wash for the background.

This can also be achieved by a coloured paper or canvas. For example click here


The most “razzle-dazzle” and visually impressive.



Ink Default render for  One Colour or Black & White.  Sharp professional look.

Gouache (or poster colour) Default render for colour caricatures. Similar to acrylic paint with a matt texture with bright colours. Often enhanced with pastels (art chalk) and coloured pencil.

Graphite   Economical and soft grey grainy effect.

Charcoal  Economical and soft black grainy effect. This can come in a few different other earth tones.

Other  Limited by your imagination but most common are acrylic paint, oil paint or watercolour. If, for instance the art is required as a billboard, then that may involve sign writing paints, which generally are acrylic or enamel. For more info > Click Here



Art Paper   Cheapest. For mediums of Graphite, Charcoal or Ink. Minimum thickness 160 gsm, which can be rolled into a cylinder for cheaper postage for thicknesses up to 210 gsm.

Illustration Board  For any medium. Recommended for colour artwork with mediums such as Paint or Gouache.

Stretch Canvass  Recommended for Oil or Acrylic Paintings.

Other  Almost any prepared surface. These options are considered more under the sign writing category.
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